Games and recommendations : Garage Amino

There are automobile games. Tons of them. There are also apps based on automobiles and culture, but the number of them is few. Fortunately, there is one app that embraces all kinds of car culture and is the chat home to people who are mostly die-hard car enthusiasts. That app is Garage Amino.


Publisher : NA

Size : NA

Cost : free

In – app purchases : No

Available for: Android & iOS


Like I said, Garage Amino is for car enthusiasts of all genres. There are mechanics, car spotters and more types of people. The application design is clean and sophisticated. The content is restricted such that only articles relevant to subjects are posted. As for content, there are blogs, public chats, polls, quizzes, Q&A and the content from people who have followers. The overall content is completely acceptable by car person standards. People are based by rankings and they level up when they are online for longer.

Many people are in the community often and chat as well as post articles. The best part is that you are included in the whole community if you are a gear head and will remain one. I myself have been shunned from other types of societies because of my knowledge and love of cars, but this app is what I would call home. So download this app and be part of a huge, wonderful community packed to the brim with people who live and breathe cars.

Rating : ****** (Special award on my behalf 🙂


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