Safety first : Electronic Stability Control

Where we would have been if we didn’t create this thing, god knows. Actually, we know. Probably in a ditch somewhere. Probably crashed onto a steel girder. All sorts of things. Thankfully, we created Electronic Stability Control so we don’t have to suffer that.


Electronic Stability Control, a.k.a ESC originated, or at least the concept started in 1983 when a system called the Four – wheel electronic anti-skid control is introduced on a car, the Toyota Crown. In 1987, the companies BMW, Mercedes and Toyota developed and introduced their first traction control systems, which was a part of the whole ESC system. Then in 1990, Mitsubishi paired two safety systems together and the TCL system was born. The TCL system contained a various number of sensors which recorded data and sent instructions to a central computer, which affected the duties of engines and brakes by regulating them such that cars didn’t skid and maintained traction. Now, those early systems have morphed into a busy set of machinery which monitors a car each split second and corrects it.


Today, ESC is a standard function in a huge chunk of the total cars in the world and that are being bought. The system as said consists of a central computer which has multiple sensors that send and receive data. The ESC aids steering, brakes as well as engines. A well – used example of ESC being helpful is in corners. As shown above, a car without ESC and any other electronic assists would speed into a corner and understeer, causing the vehicle to skid out of its path. With ESC on the other hand, it is a completely different story. The car which has ESC will enter into the corner. The sensors of the ESC can sense a little understeer. The ESC sends signals to the brakes, making them slow the car down a little. The ESC would then send a message to the engine to lower its power output. And finally, the steering seems to be at too large an angle, so the ESC corrects that. All of this in a heartbeat.

It is an amazing phenomenon. Really. ESCs contribute so much to a safe ride. Every sliver of time. Equip your car with ESC if it doesn’t have it standard. It really helps, and for all the work it does, the reward is a safe, carefree(not really) journey anywhere.

I will end this post here. I will write more about cars and parts. stay tuned.

Happy Driving! (And by all means, safe driving too!)


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