R/C Mania : My new Traxxas Rustler

A few days back, I got myself a brand new toy. It is… You guessed it! A Traxxas Rustler! However, this beast cannot be classified in the toy – grade spectrum. It is a hobby – grade car capable of 35 MPH stock, and it can speed up to a whopping 60 or more MPH with modifications. Speaking about modifications, there is a huge band of suppliers selling custom and replacement parts, including the company manufacturing this car, Traxxas. With such a large scope for improvement, the Rustler has the term ‘hobby – grade’ specifically tailored to describe it. In this post, I will write about the Traxxas Rustler as well as a review and test from my viewpoint.


The Traxxas Rustler is a 1/10th scale electric stadium truck. It is powered by an 8.4v 7 – cell NiMH (nickel metal hydride) battery. It has a competition grade setup which runs at a radio frequency of 2.4 Ghz, all water resistant. The remote is a pistol – grip unit. It is driven by a Titan 12 – turn 550 motor, capable of 10,000 RPM. The chassis is monocoque, meaning that it is a single structure. Each wheel has independent suspension. The car is rear wheel drive. The front wheels have approximately 1 or 2 degrees of negative camber. As said, the car can go up to 35 MPH, and can go even faster with modifications. The body is made from Lexan (bulletproof plastic), and is very flexible. There is no roll cage, but aftermarket options are available to choose from. In statistics, this may be a fearsome sounding monster, but it quite frankly is a bundle of fun with a hardy, malleable edge to it.


Being an owner of this thing now, the first thing I test is… if it works, obviously. What else were you thinking? Of course, it works well right out of the box. The manual clearly explains what needs to be done to get the car running, and there are also some tools and parts that come along with it. The ridiculous part, though, is the charger. What in the world was Traxxas thinking when the charger is supposed to fit inside a car’s cigarette lighter socket instead of a wall port?! Thankfully, there was an adapter for that charger online and on sale. Problem was, how could I charge the battery now? Then, I got to know that the battery is already pre – charged, because a label on the box says, ‘RTR’ in bold letters, which means ‘ready to run’, or race, whichever you prefer. So, I switched on the car and took it outside.


(Please don’t think I took this picture or any of the others in this post. I didn’t take any pictures because I was way to excited to care about that.)

My first thought? Fast. And fun! This thing was so fast, that I took it near a huge bump on the sidewalk to see if it could go airborne. It quite frankly soared, and landed with a flourish. Elated, I did it multiple times, until I got bored and started experimenting with the car’s capabilities. I took it to a dirt track and let loose. The thing wasn’t fazed even a bit. It gracefully drifted through the mud and held it’s poise even when I did some rather cuckoo maneuvers. I continued on until I drained the battery. What a blast!

The Traxxas Rustler is amazing. It is a great way to start in the world of hobby – grade R/Cs, and it is easy to repair, modify and customize. If you are a person looking for a decent vehicle to thrash around and have fun with, then this is a good choice in the hobby – grade world. As for me? I guess I’ll go outside and kick up plumes of dust with my Rustler until I can’t see!

Price : $196 on Amazon

Charger adapter : $22 on Amazon

Parts, modifications and more are all listed on a brochure in the box when received or they can be searched on traxxas.com.

P.S make sure that if you are buying one, don’t crash any one with the Rustler, as they can knock people down and injure them. Don’t let very young children play with this and don’t let the car get on roads, because accidents can occur. Please be safe and control the car responsibly.

Happy Driving!


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